Appliance and Equipment

How well do you know your appliance and equipment at home or in the office?

Technology is evolving. Electrical and electronic Appliance and Equipment manufacturers make their products more proprietary. The producers provide in-depth user-friendly information that needs minimal intelligence to grasp.

However, because they want you to buy a new appliance or equipment from them in case yours breaks down, they deny you the information you need to fix it.

If you must fix it, the manufacturers want to decide for you who should repair it. That is the ideology behind “NO USER SERVICEABLE PART INSIDE” tag on many modern appliances and equipment.

Unlike in the old days when schematic diagrams and repair guides accompanied electrical products, today, manufacturers peg validity of product warranty on tamper-proof seals. If you attempt a repair, you lose the warranty.

It is legal not to allow unauthorized expert or consumer to attempt a repair on your machine. That’s a business strategy manufactures and their appointed dealers use to extend profit-making to after-sale.

The consumer is the loser in that plan, though. She has to pay what the manufacturer and the appointed dealer dictates, even if the repair is minor.

Small business repair experts and consumers have organized, under the umbrella,, to press for “Fair Repair legislation.” This aims to put laws in place that grant access to service information from manufacturers, the right tools for doing repairs, and spare parts.

The essence is, “electrical and electronic owners have the right to repair.”

And here at Appliance and Equipment,

  • We install your home and office air conditioner and refrigerator
  • Repair your washing machine and vacuum cleaner
  • Review and talk about home and office electrical and electronics

You learn how to fix it (DIY) if it’s broken. But if you can’t, we advise you on what to expect if you decide to call in a qualified tech.