Appliance and Equipment


Appliances and equipment complement our day-to-day life. There are essential and nonessential units. The essential ones have become part of human life that living without them in today’s civilization isn’t imaginable. The non-essential ones too have parts they play that without their support, some simple tasks would be a burden.

Picture a situation where a garment washing machine doesn’t exist, and we’re to wash clothes with hands? Or a home without a refrigerator, and we need to resort to ancient methods of food preservation? Life would be indeed difficult.

But thanks to technology, we have appliances and equipment that make life easier:

In the kitchen, we have the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, cooker, dishwasher, among others. The living room has television, play station, personal computer, music system, water dispenser, AC evaporator units, among others. Portable air conditioner, hairdryer, and light workout equipment fit in a spacious bedroom.

The study mainly accommodates office communication equipment. They include a desktop computer, printer, fax machine and power back-up that protects information equipment.

Outside the main house – garage and laundry – we have slightly heavier machinery like power generator for back-up, an outdoor unit of the split-phase air conditioner, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, water pump, power saw and other machinery that a home can equip. All these, at least, are for making work and life easier.

Many of these machines I draw attention to are classified as ‘for home use.’ Meaning, average human intelligence is the minimum requirement to operate them.  A spot check at a model home where any of these appliances and equipment are found reveal that if at all any skill is needed by a user, it’s only the little technical know-how that the how-to manuals shipped with relevant machines provide. Unfortunately, though, some end-users don’t take the little trouble to find out what is contained in the manuals.

A machine’s dynamics are like human body parts that need regular nourishing to function well. But if not handled, machines don’t deliver the best service. And many of such machines that are not well maintained don’t last their longest. This site would like to bring together a community of experts and users with a common interest in appliances and machines. To share experiences gained while using, maintaining, servicing, or repairing them.

For example, Debs would ask herself why her neighbor, Evelyn, has never made any call to the refrigeration service center requesting repair service, while her (Debs) refrigerator has had a breakdown for the third time now, yet they both purchased their two refrigerators at the same time. Given an opportunity, a technician would sit the two friends down and ask some few questions whose genuine answers would help the refrigerator owning community, here, save on unnecessary expenditure incurred on repairs. Questions like: How often do you move your refrigerator when doing house cleaning? Is your refrigerator fitted with a surge protector (known by the trade name, Fridge Guard)?

To speculate on these two scenarios, a refrigerator that is moved, is not always positioned back to the right spot where the condensing unit receives adequate ambient air circulation for the right cooling. That is one of the overlooked precautions that would trigger a malfunction. Also, a refrigerator not fitted with a surge protector is not guarded against the dangers resulting from power brownouts and blackouts.

As the community of appliance and equipment owners and experts share their life experiences in using different machines, we will discover that some machines are bogus! It makes no difference even if they are well handled. Thus you would know what never to put your money on if you’re a prospective buyer.

To chip in some humor, my dad has a splendid working transistor radio that he bought in the 1960s, way before I was born. No radio technician has ever repaired it. But I have a 3 years old five CD-Changer music system that I have twice called in a technician to repair. I am now afraid it is a matter of time before it dies on me, never to resurrect again! My dad tells me that modern products need extra care because they are not of the same quality as the earlier ones. I agree with him.

The world is now a small village where any service or material thing can be sourced from the Internet. Ideas, pieces of advice and helpful tips needed in order for one to make an informed decision are readily and freely available. And a forum like this acts like a rich database storing facts gathered from a community having a lot in common, that one can peruse to find a solution to a nagging technical issue. If you have a question or any interesting life experience in relation to appliances and equipment, ask or share to benefit the community.