Refrigerator Overview

Double door refrigerator overview
A typical two-temperature refrigerator with freezer on the upper door and cooler on the lower door.

Home appliances and equipment directly impact our lives in different ways. Some are essential and vita that without them, or if they malfunction, life tends to halting. One such appliance is the Refrigerator. Lets have a refrigerator overview.

A refrigerator is a home or office machine that preserves edible and non-edible stuff at low temperatures. Although the word “refrigerator” refers to cooling equipment in general, there are temperature variations.

There is Deep Freezer refrigerator; Refrigerator; and Cooler refrigerator.

A Deep Freezer Refrigerator, or simply Freezer, keeps items at temperatures below freezing point. Highly perishable food stuffs like fish and beef are kept well frozen in a freezer, and can stay fresh for months in frozen state.

A stand-alone freezer has a single compartment which is chest or upright. A chest freezer’s door swings vertically to open, and an upright standing freezer’s door opens horizontally. These differences in door makeup don’t add to a freezer’s efficiency but only satisfies a user’s taste.

The Refrigerator (or two-door refrigerator) has a freezer and a cooler combined in a single unit. The cooler compartment maintains temperatures above freezing point while the the freezer compartment freezes stuff.

Either of the two compartments can be on top of the other. A refrigerator with a freezer on top is a Top Freezer Refrigerator, while the one with the Freezer on the lower compartment is a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator.

There are different designs in the two-door refrigerator category. A traditional basic refrigeratorĀ  has just a cooler and a freezer compartment while modern design has additional features like water and ice cube dispenser.

A Cooler Refrigerator maintains temperatures above freezing point. Items kept in a cooler don’t freeze.

Coolers are also available in Chest and Upright models. You can well preserve fresh vegetables, fruits, bottled drinks, and salads in coolers.

Homeowners buildĀ  permanent kitchen refrigerator cabinets with capacity to accommodate a good quantity of fresh farm produce.

When analyzing refrigerators, you find out that some of the ones you use at home or at the office, you can also use in a business set-up.

A kitchen refrigerators consumes less electric energy compared with a business refrigerator though. The reason is, a refrigerator in the kitchen is under lock-and-key most of the time. No frequent opening and closing to remove foodstuff, thus minimum energy is lost.

But you regularly open and close a showcase business refrigerator during business hours. Energy escape whenever the door is open. To quickly make up for the lost energy, refrigerator compressor needs to keep running. Hence continuous power consumption.

We will be having refrigerator overview and in-depth look at top freezer refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerator, compact refrigerator, French door refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator, and freezer.

We will also touch on refrigerator user friendly and technical features that if you observe, prolongs the life of your refrigerator. The ultimate goal is to know user friendly basics of how to handle a refrigerator to get the best of its service without unnecessary disruption.