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bottom freezer refrigerator unit
                             Bottom freezer refrigerator with doors open


A Bottom Freezer refrigerator is the opposite of a Top Freezer refrigerator. It has the freezer compartment located on the lower door while the cooler is on the upper door. This difference in design doesn’t have an effect on the refrigerator’s cooling efficiency. It only presents a unique taste of style to the user. For example, if the refrigerator’s height is high enough, short people like children are only able to easily access items on the lower freezer compartment. Suppose, in a given day, foodstuffs in the lower compartment are regularly accessed. Family members, who have to stand on their toes to access the freezer, in case it’s a top freezer refrigerator, find bottom freezer design convenient. For further convenience, some bottom freezer compartments are pull-out drawers.

A basic bottom freezer refrigerator has no high-end features like ice cube and water dispenser. This simplicity makes it not require extra space to position it in the kitchen or dining area. Whatever the position it fits, make sure there is recommended free space around it for enough air circulation to cool the condenser.

Like a basic top freezer refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerator has one compressor as its main electrical component. Inside the refrigerator is a small light bulb for illumination. A defrost heater string is run along the door frame, for melting any form of stray frost that could block the door. A thermostat is installed inside the upper cooler compartment, and labeled with minimum to maximum settings – it switches the compressor off and on as the temperatures inside dictates. A user should know whether this intermittent off and on switching exists. If it doesn’t, the compressor would run continuously without intermittently stopping. This also means electricity would be used unnecessarily. Thermostat fault does occur, but it is an affordable component that a repair technician replaces easily.

When shopping for a bottom freezer refrigerator, you may sometimes be confused with the many different brands and looks available to choose from. But the bottom line is there are time-tested brands that can be zeroed on. A refrigerator fitted with a compressor from a manufacturer of quality products in the industry is one sure way of knowing the refrigerator is worth your money. If you find yourself in this confusing situation, it’s a good idea to consult a qualified technician to help you identify a better bottom freezer refrigerator.

Tip: Instead of running a defrost element along refrigerator door, some manufacturers run the condenser tubing. Condensed refrigerant that flows in the tube is warm and melts ice that would trap refrigerator door. There is a disadvantage of a refrigerator built with condenser tubing run along the door frame, especially if the tube is made of iron instead of copper. Melted frost penetrates into the joints. If the moisture gets in contact with the iron tube, oxidation occurs. Eventually, the iron develops pores through which refrigerant leak.  This would soon be the beginning of a user’s nightmare; she would need to weigh the cost of repairing the refrigerator and buying a new one. So in as much as it should be fairly judged that every machine has its lifespan, users need to get value for what they paid for. Some refrigerators begin to give users headache so soon, though.

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