Side-by-Side Refrigerator

side by side refrigerator unit
Side-by-side refrigerator with doors open, and with doors closed

A Side-by-side refrigerator has two doors covering two compartments aligned side by side. One distinctive design of a side-by-side refrigerator is how it is partitioned. Partitions are vertical, and doors open from the middle like a cabinet. It has cooler and freezer compartments like other two-temperature refrigerators. Cooler compartment is slightly larger than freezer because its content has higher turn-over rate. That is to say, foodstuffs packed inside cooler compartment are the most used in a given day and are replenished more frequently.

Side by side refrigerator may have some extra features that make its price rank above average. It can have a water dispenser on the front side of the refrigerator. The water dispenser has a small tap that enables you to pour cold water without opening refrigerator doors.

Some side by side refrigerators are fitted with small Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the upper front side. This displays digital visual interpretation of refrigerator’s inside condition i.e. temperature. You are able to either manually, or using a remote control, adjust thermostat and thermometer; you see a digital interpretation of the changes you make.

Side by side refrigerator’s storage capacity ranges from 21 to 28 cubic feet, or higher, even for custom made designs. This is a space that’s able to accommodate a relatively heavy weight. Because of this anticipated weight, side by side refrigerator’s body is made using stainless steel, hard plastic, Formica laminate, among other materials. Its trays are made of thicker metal and can be adjusted to create more space for accommodating long pitchers, wine bottles, and oven-roasted fowls.

Inside the refrigerator, there are crisper drawers for keeping fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the drawers have their inside temperatures and humidity controlled so that green farm produce kept inside remain fresh.   Also, there are sizable bins for fresh fruit juice jugs and milk bottles. Actually, you would be spoilt for choice, considering the variety of shapes and sizes of the beautiful containers.

Electrical energy consumption is always a concern to many refrigerator users. This is normal, though. Industry consumer protection measure requires that appliance manufacturers place Energy Star sticker on a certified appliance. An appliance having a sticker is a proof that the government approves that its electricity consumption is friendly. Look for one on the side-by-side refrigerator you’d like to take home.

Finding the right side-by-side refrigerator that suits your lifestyle may need you to invest enough time for shopping around because there are many types and models in the market. When a choice is successfully made, the comfort that comes with having the right refrigerator justifies the trouble taken to decide on it. Simple daily maintenance measures are all you’d later need to avoid unnecessary breakdown: If it is a non-frost refrigerator, keep the inside air circulation vents clear. Air vents are prone to get blocked by accidental spills or crumbs. Defrost if necessary.

Place the refrigerator where there is ample ambient air circulation to keep thermal parts within the required temperature ranges. And keep heat dissipating parts, like the condenser, clean and free from dust.

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