Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
and if the moisture gets in Bottom freezer refrigerator with doors open


A Bottom Freezer Refrigerator has two compartments. Lower compartment is the freezer and the upper is the cooler. Bottom freezer  refrigerator is the opposite of top freezer refrigerator. You keep stuff that needs deep freezing in the freezer compartment and, drinks like juice, in the cooler.

Its difference in design from the Top Freezer refrigerator does not have effect on cooling efficiency, but only presents a unique taste of style. For example, if the refrigerator’s height is higher, short people or children are able to access items on the lower freezer compartment with ease.

Suppose, in a given day, the family rate of removing foodstuffs from the lower compartment is high. Members who have to stand on their toes to access the freezer find bottom freezer design convenient.

A basic bottom freezer refrigerator has no high-end features like ice cube and water dispenser. This simplicity makes it not require extra space to position in the kitchen or dining area. Whatever the position it fits, make sure you maintain recommended distance between the refrigerator condenser and the wall.

Like other basic top freezer refrigerator models, bottom freezer refrigerator has one compressor motor. This motor has a pump that pumps refrigerant in the refrigerator condenser, a process that results in heat dissipation. The surrounding air absorbs this heat, so provide allowance between the refrigerator condenser and the wall.

Inside the refrigerator is a small light bulb for illumination.

A defrost heater runs along the door frame. It melts condensate that sometimes freeze on the door and blocks it.

A thermostat is installed inside the upper cooler compartment, and it is marked with minimum to maximum settings. It switches the compressor off-and-on as per the refrigerator temperature dictation.

A user should know whether this intermittent off-on switching exists because it helps in power economy. If it doesn’t, the compressor would run continuously without a stop. This means unnecessary power consumption.

Thermostats are affordable field replaceable units. If yours develops a problem, and you are a lover of DIY, you can buy a new one and replace.

When shopping for a bottom freezer refrigerator, the numerous number of models to choose from can overwhelm you. But the bottom line is, zero on time-tested brands.

Quality refrigerator manufacturers install quality compressors and other gadgets on their refrigerators. One sure way of verifying that the refrigerator brand is worth your money is to look at the compressor.

You can also consult a qualified technician or a user who has positive experience with a bottom freezer refrigerator.

Tip: Instead of running a defrost element along the refrigerator door frame, some manufacturers run the condenser tubing. Condensed refrigerant that flows inside the tube is warm, and it melts frost that would trap refrigerator door.

There is a disadvantage of a refrigerator built with condenser tubing run along the door frame if the tube is made of iron. Water condensate penetrates joints to get in contact with the iron tube, and  cause oxidation.

Eventually the iron develops pores through which refrigerant leaks. This would soon be the beginning of a user’s nightmare; she would need to weigh the cost of repairing the refrigerator and buying a new one.

Although every machine has a lifespan, a user should get value for money. Some refrigerators begin to give users headache so soon.