Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top Freezer Refrigerator
Top freezer refrigerator with doors open


A Top Freezer Refrigerator has the freezer compartment on its upper part and cooler compartment on the lower side. Freezer compartment is larger in size, compared with cooler compartment.

A basic top freezer refrigerator is simple, with only the compressor motor as the main component that draws electricity. Compressor motor is the pot-like component at the lower back of your refrigerator. If you refrigerator model had no lid that covers the compressor, you can easily see the compressor.

The compressor purpose is to compress and pump refrigerant along the refrigerator’s inner tubing system, in a process called refrigerant cycle.

If you plug your refrigerator into power it is and working well, you hear the sound of the running compressor motor. However, some domestic top freezer refrigerator compressors are quiet operating. You would need to be keen to hear the sound.

A top freezer refrigerator is either direct cool or frost-free.

Direct cool is the traditional technology of constructing a refrigerator. Evaporator tube runs behind the inner refrigerator surface.

When the refrigerator has operated for some time, ice builds up in the freezer compartment, this becomes nuisance when you want to remove stuff from the freezer. Frost-free technology is the alternative technology for direct cool technology.

Frost-free technology introduces extra gadgets to the refrigerator that automatically defrost the refrigerator evaporator. That is why items you keep in the non-frost refrigerator freezer don’t get covered in with frost.

Extra components that constitute a non-frost  system are evaporator fan, thermal switch, defrost heater and timer switch. The first three are connect directly to the evaporator while the timer is outside the refrigerator compartments.

Note: Some manufacturers install two compressors on a top freezer refrigerator for security reason. Each compressor connects to one compartment. In case one compressor dies and one compartment fails, the other compressor and compartment operate normally.

However, two compressor system means two compressors use electrical energy. And you will have to pay more in power bills. Avoid this system if electricity cost is a concern.

Manufacturers produce different sizes of top freezer refrigerators suitable for small and large families.

Standard size of a freezer compartment is one-third of the whole storage area of a two-temperature refrigerator. So, a seven cubic feet refrigerator would keep enough food stuff for a nuclear family.

Trays of a cooler compartment can be rearranged to accommodate bottled drinks placed upright, while leaving enough space for pizza plates. Top freezer refrigerators also ships with plastic containers for keeping fresh vegetables and fruits.

Knowing about your refrigerator is not complete without touching on some precautionary insights.

Some top freezer refrigerators have external “condenser” while others have internal. An external condenser is mounted either on the back of a refrigerator or underneath. A condenser is also called heat exchangers because it is the point where warm refrigerant rejects heat. It gets warm when the refrigerator is working.

Keep your condenser clean and free from dust. Space between the refrigerator and the wall around it should be enough to allow free air circulation because condenser gets warm when the refrigerator is working.

The compressor gets warm when it is in operation too. This adds to the reason why where you put your refrigerator should have good ventilation.

Internal condenser tube runs behind the refrigerator outer surface. If you touch the surface refrigerator surface while it is running, it is warm. Consider the warm surfaces when choosing the spot for this refrigerator to avoid overheating.

The “thermostat” stops and starts the compressor. It stops the compressor when the refrigerator attains inside optimum low temperature, and restarts it when the temperature inside rises. Stops and starts ensure the compressor does not consume unnecessary power.


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